Youth4Education is a youth-led campaign to advance education equity through service-learning.

The belief that young people can and do make a difference is at the heart of this movement.

Policy experts, education leaders, businesses — they’ve all weighed in on the state of our education system. They’ve offered solutions to meet the needs of every child. Yet the voices of young people are suspiciously absent from these conversations and decisions.

There are nearly 2 billion youth in the world under the age of 24. How many have been given a voice in their own education? Isn’t it time you shared yours?

How can young people contribute to the fulfillment of education equity? How can they ensure all young people receive the opportunities and resources they need to reach their potential. And, just as importantly, whose responsibility is it to uplift the role of young people in creating social change?

Youth4Education knows that our young people hold the answers to one of our biggest civil rights issues. With their leadership, youth and adults can work in partnership to create a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world with young people, their schools, and their communities through service-learning.

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