We believe youth are uniquely equipped to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems, starting in their own communities.

Youth as Solutions (YaS) is creating a generation of citizens who are passionate about making a positive impact in their schools and communities by addressing one of these areas of impact: community health, educational equity, and environmental justice. Leadership teams of young people in grades 6-12, along with an adult mentor, apply to be part of one of the Youth as Solutions areas of impact, where they will participate in a self-paced, hands-on learning experience, identifying and taking action on an issue in their community. Students gain leadership skills, adults receive high-quality service-learning instruction and resources, and youth-adult teams have the opportunity to connect with peers from across the country who are working on similar areas of impact!

Youth as Solutions Areas of Impact


Education equity is the belief that everyone deserves a quality education, regardless of their race, gender, identity, socioeconomic status, or any other trait.


Community health empowers youth to save lives through campaigns that make measurable differences in their schools, communities, and beyond.


Environmental justice challenges young people to address climate needs at the local level, impacting our planet now and for future generations.

What You’ll Do

Once accepted to Youth as Solutions, your team will complete a 3-hour virtual kickoff training on either October 3 or 7, 2023. Then it’s time to dig into your impact area! Your team will complete a community needs investigation, plan and prepare a service project that meets those needs, and implement the project by March 29, 2024. There will be required reporting along the way, and the project will finish with submitting a Service-Learning Showcase video so we can share your work!

Sounds like a lot? Don’t worry, we provide the materials, templates, training, a peer community, staff support, and funds to implement your service activities!

What You’ll Get

The Youth as Solutions program is your opportunity to make a difference in your community with the support of the NYLC team behind you! Teams receive a $250-$1,000 grant for project expenses and celebration, and get national recognition via our website and social media. Adults receive FREE high-quality professional development and coaching; students develop their leadership skills; and youth-adult teams get connected to a national community of change agents!

Youth as Solutions makes learning exciting and fun, and creates motivated students who are inspired to make change!


Teams will complete all stages of the service-learning IPARD process using Youth as Solutions materials and resources. Teams will have the opportunity to participate in our learning community through monthly live sessions and online discussions. To read all program expectations, click here.


Leadership Teams led by a minimum of two youth leaders in grades 6-12 along with an adult leader (teacher or group advisor), sponsored by a U.S. public K-12 school, U.S. school district, or U.S. nonprofit 501(c)3 (including private, not-for-profit schools).

Questions? Check the FAQ’s, contact us, or watch our recent Q&A session recap.

Applications for Project Ignition only have been extended until 9/25/23. To learn more about Project Ignition, head to the “Community Health” tab.

“The best thing about participating in this program was giving our young students the opportunity to lead. From identifying the problem, to working on finding a solution, our students were in the forefront of all the work they achieved. Our students came up with amazing ideas and the final product of their project will have a lasting impact in their school P.S. 207 and their community.”

P.S. 207 | 2022-23 Youth as Solutions Education in Action Team