2024 Youth Leadership Summit

The annual Youth Leadership Summit will be held on Wednesday, April 3 from 1 – 5 PM at the start of The National Service-Learning Conference®. This year, the Conference will be heading to Saint Paul, MN! Tickets are now available on the Conference registration page.

Stay tuned for details on a virtual attendance option!

  • Service-learning presentation by youth and adults.
  • Passionate student speaks about what he learned during his service-learning project.
  • Students collaborate around a table on their presentation
  • Students talk to each other at the National Service-Learning Conference
  • Young person smiling as they work with other young people at the National Service-Learning Conference
  • High school student presents on the importance of youth adult partnerships
  • Middle school students present their findings from their service-learning project addressing driver safety
  • High school student works on a hands-on service-learning project at the National Service-Learning Conference
  • High school students listen in as a middle school student shows off her service-learning project
  • High school students showcase the app they designed using the service-learning process