The NYLC team is dedicated to the mission of creating a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world and we are proud to be supported by a robust team of youth, board members, and more!

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Amy Meuers, CEO of NYLC, smiles in her headshot

Amy Meuers

She/Her/Hers | Chief Executive Officer | [email protected] | Connect on LinkedIn

Amy Meuers is the Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Leadership Council, the leading service-learning organization in the country for more than 40 years. Amy has spent 20 years with NYLC leading both national and international service-learning initiatives that expand the capacity of educators to utilize service-learning as an instructional strategy with students of all age-levels. Under her leadership, NYLC launched Youth as Solutions, a national service-learning program that supports teams of youth across the country in addressing issues impacting their communities. She co-founded the Coalition for Service-Learning to support advocacy efforts for service-learning at the federal level, and published Equity in Service-Learning: Self Assessment Tools for Quality Engagement, Engage: Service-Learning for Afterschool, and the revised Getting Starting in Service-Learning: Integrating the Process into K-12 Teaching. She is a graduate of the Hubert H. Humphrey Policy Fellows (21-22) and is a city commissioner in her hometown of Brooklyn Park, Mn. Amy holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Administration from Globe University, and a Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership from Regis University. She also completed Northwestern University Certificate of Executive Leadership and ASU Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership.

Pam Siebert, NYLC Director, smiles in her headshot

Pam Siebert

She/Her/Hers | Vice President of Community Impact and Evaluation | [email protected]

Pam Siebert is a skilled strategist and implementer, with over 20 years of experience in nonprofits and cross-sector initiatives– taking plans from ideas to action on topic areas including human services, substance abuse prevention, homelessness, education, and community service. Pam began her NYLC experience early on as program manager for service-learning training and technical assistance initiatives and then serving as NYLC’s Operations Director for 10 years. She then worked with professional associations for the ensuing five years to increase member engagement, enhance member service delivery, and create stronger organizations. Building communities for shared learning is one of her passions. In her current role as Vice President of Community Impact & Evaluation with NYLC, Pam supports youth taking action in their communities through advising the Youth As Solutions program, supervising AmeriCorps VISTA’s, conducting evaluation, and managing special initiatives. She earned a Master’s degree in Applied Anthropology from the University of Maryland and a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management from Gustavus Adolphus College, as well as certificates in organizational development, change management, volunteer management, and project management. Pam chairs the Board of Directors for Carol Mathey’s Center for Children and Families, is an ambassador for Moms on the Run, and actively participates in TeamWomen Minnesota and the GoGoDone co-working community.

Julie Rogers Bascom, NYLC Director, smiles in her headshot

Julie Rogers Bascom

She/Her/Hers | Director of Learning & Leadership | [email protected] | Connect on LinkedIn

Julie Rogers Bascom is a service-learning leader from Minneapolis, MN who has been supporting youth workers, teachers and young people to use service-learning as a strategy to solve problems in their communities for over 17 years. Her passion for supporting young people to become problem solvers formed when her own children attended an Oakland, CA school where every student, every year was engaged in service-learning. Julie also serves on non-profit boards that encourage civic engagement: the League of Women Voters and Doing Good Together, an effort to empower families to raise caring and engaged children. She also coaches and leads workshops on Respectful Conversations in Schools, a protocol designed for teachers and students to address controversial topics. Rogers Bascom has presented at local and national workshops on how to incorporate service into curriculum and community.

Miranda Taylor, NYLC Manager, smiles in her headshot

Miranda Taylor

She/Her/Hers | Marketing Manager | [email protected] | Connect on LinkedIn

Miranda is passionate about helping drive brand visibility for nonprofit organizations. In the last six years, she has worked for a diverse range of nonprofit organizations in fields such as youth development, human trafficking, and poverty alleviation. She understands the importance of upholding a brand identity that communicates the powerful work nonprofits do to change the world. She also has experience changing her own community – from founding an equal pay coalition to spearheading the first “No More” campaign for sexual assault awareness month, Miranda knows how important it is to stand up for what you believe in. She is excited to bring her marketing, storytelling, and brand management skills to NYLC, to help reach new audiences and further develop the organization’s story.

Anthony Le, NYLC Coordinator, smiles in his headshot

Anthony Le

He/Him/His | Youth Engagement and Events Coordinator | [email protected]

Anthony is passionate about youth development, service-learning, and contributing to his community. During his time at the University of Minnesota, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies, he served as the president of the Minnesota International Student Association. As a student leader, he collaborated with multiple student organizations to promote inclusion, diversity, and learning opportunities. Anthony previously worked at NYLC as a Youth Advisory Council Advisor during his time in college, an experience that ignited his passion to work with young people and educators. In his new role, Anthony hopes to inspire those he works with to be active leaders in their communities.

Headshot of Becky Cole on a green background. She is wearing a red shirt and glasses and smiling at the camera.

Becky Cole

She/Her/Hers | AmeriCorps Vista | [email protected]

“Problems become opportunities when the right people join together.” It’s something that has fed Becky’s lifetime of curiosity about how things work and fit together. It also fits with the lesson she has learned from her cats – if it’s that important to you, don’t let humans get in your way. Highlights of her history include being a Job Corps graduate and then volunteering for 18 years to provide support service to other Job Corps graduates; being inducted into the Department of Labor’s Job Corps Hall of Fame; and receiving a proclamation by Governor Carlson, who declared May 17 as “Becky Cole Day” in Minnesota. She also uses her skills to support those experiencing homelessness, as she utilizes coupons and sales to donate supplies to a shelter. One year, she gave away a little more than $6,000 in supplies and cereal at an out of pocket cost of only about $300!

Nadia Kruzel

She/Her/Hers | AmeriCorps Vista | [email protected]

Nadia is passionate about social justice, advocacy, community organizing, and youth development and engagement. During her time at Hamline University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Social Justice with a concentration in Race, Gender, and Youth Activism, she developed her passion for working with youth on issues of social justice, challenging injustices and the systems and institutions that uphold them, and advocating for individuals from marginalized communities. Nadia believes that education is a powerful tool for creating long-lasting, sustainable, and meaningful social change. Previously, Nadia worked as a client advocate at a disability law firm where she assisted and supported clients through all steps of their disability case. In her current role, Nadia hopes to continue to inspire, empower, and support youth to see themselves as today’s changemakers.

Rose Bell

They/Them/Theirs | AmeriCorps Vista | [email protected]

Rose comes to us in their second AmeriCorps VISTA year of service. Their previous VISTA term was at Junior Achievement North, where they worked in events, fundraising, and data management. They are passionate about learning new things and growing in their DE&I work journey. Before Rose joined AmeriCorps VISTA, they worked retail, food service, and volunteered in the education sector. When Rose isn’t working, they are likely spending time with their family, crafting, reading, writing, or being a dog parent to their two dogs.

Meet our Youth Advisory Council! We are proud to prioritize youth voice as one of our core values, as we recognize youth as partners in decision-making. Learn more about the role of the Youth Advisory Council.


Aisling Kelly | Dominican Academy

Aisling Kelly is a sophomore at Dominican Academy in New York, NY. She is passionate about social justice and improving mental health. She is deeply involved in both her local and school community, as she participates in a wide variety of clubs and volunteering. At school, she is involved in the newspaper, student government, the literary journal, and numerous other clubs and activities. In her community, Aisling enjoys volunteering for local organizations and tutoring because she loves giving back. Lastly, she likes to read, write, and sew in her free time.

Grace Chenxin Liu | Syosset High School

Grace, a freshman at Syosset High School in New York, loves researching and advocating for gender equality and sustainable development using STEAM by designing innovative solutions to real-world problems. She is a United Nations and TEDx Speaker, member of the Global WOMENSCONF Scientific Committee, and a YOUNGA 2022 Equality & Inclusion Working Group Leader. She was fortunate enough to be invited as the highlighted speaker at many international and national conferences. She founded Sharing to Empower, an internationally recognized global alliance to promote gender and sustainable development issues. In her role as a member of the Youth Advisory Council, Grace is committed to continuing her journey to inspire, advocate, and fight for equal education opportunities for girls, students of color, as well as first-generation, low-income, and ESL families as a supplement to the K-12 curriculum, while assisting NYLC’s programs.

Molly Mathis | Hoggard High School

She has an avid love and interest in STEM, and enjoys being on the school’s Science Olympiad team and pursuing Biology research. In her free time, she loves to run, weightlift, read, code, and volunteer! She is passionate about creating an equal playing field, and writes about local STEM activities and service learning for the school newspaper. One current issue she cares deeply about is equality of different languages, opportunities, and access to resources. She will use her time on the YAC to learn from older mentors about leadership and apply those traits to projects in her community and beyond.

Chloe Ng | Plainview-Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School

Chloe Ng is a junior at Plainview-Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School in LI, NY. Chloe enjoys being a volunteer firefighter Cadet, coding, solving logic puzzles, and making an impact throughout her community. She feels deeply connected to the issues of cancer and disability awareness and hopes that her role in the YAC will allow her to expand her influence and spread awareness for other causes.

Seth Liv | Shakopee High School

Seth Liv is a sophomore at Shakopee High School in Minnesota. Seth is passionate about keeping the diversity in his community alive and thriving. In school, he’s a part of Leaders in Education And Diversity, the Asian Student Union, and various others too. While in YAC, Seth’s goal is to build leadership skills that he can use to further contribute to his community. In his free time, he likes volunteering for organizations in his city, reading, weightlifting, playing basketball, and playing guitar.

Angela Wu | Winston Churchill High School

Angela Wu is a junior at Winston Churchill High School in Montgomery County, Maryland. Passionate about advocacy and elevating youth voices, Angela loves spending her time working for student-run organizations like Maryland Students Against Drugs, Princeton Learning Experience International School, and Junior Civitan. Here, she has testified multiple times to her state and county Board of Education on important subjects such as Narcan education in health curriculums and rights for minorities. At the NYLC YAC, Angela hopes to continue her work and expand her impact to reach the ears of national and international leaders!

Nithin Palani | Eden Prairie High School

Nithin Palani is a junior at Eden Prairie High School in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Nithin is very passionate about creating a change in mental health awareness among the youth and eradicating education inequality in schools. Nithin is a member of his school’s speech and debate team where he nationally ranked in the national speech competition with a speech addressing social causes! He volunteers at his local food prop shop and avidly spends time in his community learning more ways to make it better. He also helped pass a bill regarding mental health for youth last May! These experiences shape him to work to create a better future for all youth!

Aymen Elamir | Williamsville East High School

Aymen Elamir is a freshman at Williamsville East High School in Buffalo NY. Aymen is a new member of the YAC and excited to make the world a much better place. Aymen is passionate about gender equality, specifically making sure that male-dominated sports are no longer male-dominated and that all genders are welcomed in sports such as Chess. What Aymen likes to do in his free time is solve Rubik’s cubes, play chess, be a part of his school cross-country team, and do taekwondo.

Youth Advisory Council Mentors

Zahra Ali | Augsburg University

Zahra Ali is currently a freshman at Augsburg University pursuing a degree in Sociology and English Lit. In the future she hopes to use her experience growing up in both a tight-knit Somali community and a predominantly white school system to address issues of education inequity and the opportunity gap, particularly in relation to race. She supports the current Youth Advisory Council, leads youth leadership and youth adult/partnership trainings, and is on the NYLC’s Board of Directors.

Isabella Sullivan | Colby College

Bella Sullivan is a freshman at Colby College in Waterville, Maine, studying English, Philosophy, and Italian. Bella has served on NYLC’s Youth Advisory Council since 2019. She believes that civil liberties should be protected for all people, and that all people deserve compassion, protection, and equity. She works with the Colby College QuestBridge chapter to help other low-income students feel welcomed on campus. Also, she is a writer for the Colby chapter of HerCampus, using her platform to encourage other Colby students to recognize their privileges and how they can use their privileges for the common good. She believes that you are never too young to accomplish great things.

Zahra Ali | Student

Katy Dolan | Secretary | Consultant, Katy Dolan Consulting

Haya Elamir | Student

Andrew Furco | Vice Chair | University of Minnesota

Anas Ghanim | Qatar Foundation International

Shanzeh Haider | Student

Greg Herder | Chair | Consultant

Johanna Huang | Visitation School

Amy Meuers | CEO, NYLC

Daria Nastasia | Student

Amanda Otis | Treasurer | PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC

Parvathi Santhosh-Kumar | America’s Promise Alliance

Susan Ward Roncalli | Los Angeles Unified School District

Lindsay Wall Succari | Northwestern University

Laura Coates | NYLC Board Honorary Director | CNN Legal Analyst

Dr. James Kielsmeier | NYLC Board Honorary Director | Founder

Nontombi Naomi Tutu | NYLC Board Honorary Director | Race & Gender Justice Activist


NYLC Advisory Council

Dr. James Kielsmeier | Senior Scholar and Founder

Dr. Sue Root | Senior Research Fellow

Linda V. Rivera | Advisory Council Member

Dr. Michael VanKeulen | Advisory Council Member

NYLC is fortunate to have a gifted team of Senior Fellows: Leaders from a number of fields, they advise the organization on its programming and policies.


Susan Abravanel | President, Susan Abravanel Consulting, LLC

Jim Barron | Secretary | Consultant, Katy Dolan Consulting

Marty Duckenfield | Associate Producer, Clemson Broadcast Productions

Joanna Lennon | Co-founder and CEO, Civic Assets

Kate McPherson | Adjunct professor in leadership and service-learning | Seattle Pacific University and Portland State University