We meet you where you are and take you where you want to be.

Interested in strengthening the outcomes of your teaching? Partner with NYLC to access customized trainings at the school, district, community, or state level; receive ongoing coaching and planning support; and/or develop curriculum rooted in service-learning.

NYLC brings more than 30 years of experience working with sites across the country and abroad, supporting educators and administrators in advancing civic engagement — whether students are just getting started in service-learning, increasing their leadership, or sharpening their focus.

NYLC’s staff of experienced trainers works with you to create trainings, link with other strategic initiatives, even deliver keynote addresses to match your needs.

NYLC’s Training Approach

  • NYLC is the “Guide on the Side” rather than “Sage on the Stage”. We facilitate learning in which attendees are active participants rather than passive recipients.
  • NYLC utilizes constructivist rather than traditional teaching methods. Participants construct their own understanding, meaning, and knowledge of the world by experiencing things and reflecting on those experiences. Participants also utilize prior knowledge, skills, and experiences to inform their learning.
  • NYLC models service-learning instruction as educators should be implementing with their students.
  • NYLC utilizes the 4 Key Adult Learning Principles – Readiness, Experience, Autonomy, and Action. From: Stolovitch, Harold D. and Keeps, Erica J. (2002).  Telling Ain’t Training, ASTD Press. We focus on the needs of the learners, honor the knowledge and experience in the room, engage participants to take charge of their own learning, and focus on immediate application of learning.