The Building Block of Community

By Amy Meuers, Interim CEO, NYLC The United States is built on the concept of an engaged citizenry. Our government, schools, and communities operate because people are willing to volunteer their time and talents. Consider local youth sports programs run through a community center: coaches and board members are almost exclusively volunteers. School fundraisers, parties, … Continue reading The Building Block of Community

Understanding Generation Z

By Lana Peterson, service-learning and education technology researcher. In order to provide the highest quality education to our students, we must first understand who they are and how they learn. Although sources vary, “Generation Z” comprises individuals born between 1990 and 2010. Often called “digital natives,” they are the first generation born into the modern … Continue reading Understanding Generation Z

The Impact of Equity

To advance education equity is to make a meaningful entry into your community, to identify root causes of inequity, to engage and inspire peers, and to empower all youth to have a voice in their own education. The opportunity for all youth to thrive – regardless of access or means – and to be equipped … Continue reading The Impact of Equity

Every Voice is Valuable

From Hannah Reece, AmeriCorps Promise Fellow at NYLC. As a new face at NYLC and an exceptionally independent worker, I approached last week’s workshop review with slight uncertainty. The thought of sitting in a room of service-learning experts for eight hours to determine the lineup of workshops for the 2016 National Service-Learning Conference® felt daunting … Continue reading Every Voice is Valuable

Tools for School

The first day, week, and even month of school can be overwhelming. New faces, new classes, new challenges abound. For service-learners, the new landscape can be even more uncertain. For rookies, it’s hard to know exactly how to get started. That’s when you need Getting Started in Service-Learning. This elementary through high school handbook answers … Continue reading Tools for School

For The Youth: Growth Springs Eternal

From Grayson Carr and Alyssa Kruzel, former NYLC Promise Fellows. With gratitude and sadness, our AmeriCorps term of service with the National Youth Leadership Council has come to an end. It has been a bittersweet parting to be sure, but we are leaving on a high note; after weeks of preparation for the week-long National … Continue reading For The Youth: Growth Springs Eternal