PD in 2017

We’re still in the early days of January, so there’s a slight chance your New Year’s Resolutions are intact, right? At NYLC, we’ve resolved to get busy with our professional development – and we’re itching for you to join us! Here’s our PD slate for the next few months: Monday, January 23, 5:00 PM central. … Continue reading PD in 2017

The Generator, Winter Edition

Dear Readers, Understanding the duties and responsibilities of being a citizen do not come at the age of 18 but need to be introduced and fostered throughout adolescence. In this issue of The Generator we take a closer look at how service-learning supports the implementation of civic learning for our youngest citizens by building their … Continue reading The Generator, Winter Edition

Remembering a Pioneer

By Dr. James Kielsmeier, NYLC Founder & Amy Meuers, NYLC CEO John Glenn’s recent passing has highlighted his role as a pioneer in space exploration, but Glenn also sought new frontiers in teaching and learning as the Chair of the National Commission on Service-Learning. Glenn was named by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation in 2001 to … Continue reading Remembering a Pioneer

Service-Learning & Academic Success

By Amy Meuers, Interim CEO High school graduation rates are on the rise, yet nearly 20% of high school students still are not graduating (“High-School-Graduation,” 2016). Students who drop out of school are more likely to end up needing government assistance, commit crimes, and are less likely to be involved in their community (Bridgeland, Dilulio, … Continue reading Service-Learning & Academic Success

Social, Emotional, and Service-Learning in a Visual Arts Classroom

Service-learning requires that students apply a mix of soft and hard skills to meet genuine community needs. If ever these behaviors were easy to teach, it’s when student passions meet those needs: when a student explains to a school board member that STEM skills are improving the school garden thus the quality of school lunches, … Continue reading Social, Emotional, and Service-Learning in a Visual Arts Classroom

A Year in the Life of a Lead Activist

Youth4Education is a youth-led campaign to advance education equity through service-learning. You’ve heard us say that once or twice before. When we say youth-led, we’re talking about the Lead Activists. They’re the ones raising awareness, making change year-round. WEEK ONE. An intense kickoff at the National Youth Leadership Training – NYLC’s longest-running program – brings … Continue reading A Year in the Life of a Lead Activist