Service-Learning June Digest

June is here, friends and neighbors. Summer’s is upon us—let’s all whip out our jorts and visors. Celebrate the warm weather with a healthy serving of service-learning news: First, some news from us. Our Youth Engagement and Events Manager, Jason Stewart, was named one of Connect Association’s 40 Under 40, Artists of Assembly. We already … Continue reading Service-Learning June Digest

Service-Learning April Digest

April showers bring May flowers, but we’re bringing you another edition of updates in the service-learning field. First things first, let us brag a little. Our fab CEO Amy Meuers was featured in not one but two articles advocating for service-learning and the Corporation for National and Community Service. Our equally fab founder Jim Kielsmeier … Continue reading Service-Learning April Digest

Service-Learning March Digest

Welcome to March, friends. Which means, you guessed it….your monthly fix of service-learning news. We know, we know, you look forward to this every month. You’re welcome. Staff at Eastern Michigan University will be trained to teach English as a foreign language. By receiving a $2.6 million grant, teachers will be able to help 90,000+ Michigan … Continue reading Service-Learning March Digest

Service-Learning February Digest

We’re back with another batch of service-learning news. Let’s make the shortest month of the year the best! Trish O’Kane, a University of Vermont professor, is the creator of “Birding to Change the World,” a service-learning and environmental justice course that brings together college students and young people. The course’s aim is to reverse what … Continue reading Service-Learning February Digest

Service-Learning January Digest

Wondering what’s been going on in the field of service-learning? NYLC to the rescue. Here’s the latest scoop in service-learning news this past month: Service-learning has proven to be a beneficial teaching strategy for educators. “The goal is for students to gain a deeper understanding of civic responsibility and how it can have a powerful … Continue reading Service-Learning January Digest