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What is Service-Learning


By Amy Meuers, NYLC CEO   Service-learning - such a simple term, yet so many people are confused by what it actually is. I like to start with what service-learning isn’t. It isn’t service during school hours. You know what I’m talking about. Those required hours that many students wait until the last semester of school to fulfill and then frantically try to find any place that will allow them to volunteer so they can check the box that they completed their time. What is Service-Learning Don’t get me wrong, a service requirement can lead to positive results for some young [...]

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Now is the Time to Invest in Service-Learning


In its final 255-page report to Congress last month entitled Inspired to Serve, the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service issued a compelling call to expand civic education and service-learning over the next 10 years to ensure young people have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to participate in civic life and understand the importance of service. The National Youth Leadership Council is pleased to have been a contributor to the National Commission's report process, providing both written and in-person testimony, coordinating focus groups and presentation opportunities, as well as providing the National Commission opportunities to hear directly from youth and the service-learning community [...]

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New Publication Advances Civic Education through Service-Learning


The National Youth Leadership Council is pleased to announce the release of Service-Learning by Design by Dr. Sue Root. This publication will help educators not only teach core subject areas, but prepare students to be civically informed and engaged citizens – ensuring an excellent education for all our children. Service-learning, as a teaching strategy, involves young people in engaging learning activities while preparing them to be life-long members of a democratic society. This method of teaching and learning requires teachers to intentionally design a curriculum that meets desired results in academic, civic, and social emotional outcomes. “For students to grow into civically informed and [...]

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