Youth Voice

Hart’s Ladder: Classroom


Use this tool to identify your current location on Hart's Ladder in regards to classroom interactions and spur conversations about how to increase youth involvement and youth voice in the classroom and beyond.

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Youth-Adult Partnerships


Why are youth-adult partnerships important? What's the value in them? Read on to find out how these partnerships encourage youth to use their voice.

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Youth Voice Ideas


As the K12 Standards for Quality Practice emphasize, an exemplary program infuses youth voice into every aspect of the service-learning experience. Learn more about the youth voice standard.

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Research on the K12 Standards of Service-Learning


In this document, you will find an annotated bibliography of the background research that supports the K12 Standards which are: meaningful service, link to curriculum, reflection, diversity, youth voice, partnerships, progress monitoring, and duration and intensity.

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Leadership Compass Fillable


Use this worksheet to help determine the Leadership Styles of everyone in your group to gain a better understanding of your self, and how to work with others.

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