Service-Learning in Career and Technical Education Report-Louisiana Satellite Center Profile


Born out of a desire to prepare young people for careers that are both local and also future-oriented, the Satellite Center was built in 2005, and opened after a six-month delay post-Hurricane Katrina. Located in Luling, Louisiana, the school embodies more than state-of-the-art technology. It is dedicated to “Building a Better You” – as its tagline reads, for high school juniors and seniors. As such, teachers are “facilitators” and students are “team members”, reflecting an ethos of collaboration and youth leadership designed to support graduates as they apply their skills and passions to community needs.

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Reflection Toolkit


Reflection is an invitation to think deeply about our actions. Use this reflection toolkit to understand more about the how and why of reflection.

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Research on the K12 Standards of Service-Learning


In this document, you will find an annotated bibliography of the background research that supports the K12 Standards which are: meaningful service, link to curriculum, reflection, diversity, youth voice, partnerships, progress monitoring, and duration and intensity.

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Reflection Question Ideas


High-quality reflection challenges students to think deeply about their service-learning experiences. Use this tool to help you thnk through some reflection questions.

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IPARD Framework


The IPARD framework represents the student-centered inquiry model in a service-learning project. Learn more about the IPARD framework!

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