Why Power Matters in Service-Learning

From the Archives (2010): Written by Andrea Yoder Clark, Yoder Clark & Co. Consulting What is power and what does it have to do with service-learning? In a recent study, seven service-learning pioneers and seven service-learning emerging leaders were asked to respond to this two-pronged question (Yoder Clark, 2009). In this study, power was defined … Continue reading Why Power Matters in Service-Learning

Community Involvement and Social Incorporation of Young Adults

From the Archives (2010): Written by Andrea Finlay and Constance Flanagan, The Pennsylvania State University The class divide in civic participation in the United States is no secret. People with lower incomes and lower levels of education are less likely than those with higher incomes or higher levels of education to participate in civic life … Continue reading Community Involvement and Social Incorporation of Young Adults

The Generator, Winter Edition

Dear Readers, Understanding the duties and responsibilities of being a citizen do not come at the age of 18 but need to be introduced and fostered throughout adolescence. In this issue of The Generator we take a closer look at how service-learning supports the implementation of civic learning for our youngest citizens by building their … Continue reading The Generator, Winter Edition

NYLC Announces New CEO

ST. PAUL, Minn. — The National Youth Leadership Council, a national nonprofit with a 30-year history of leading programs and initiatives to develop young leaders, support educators, and advance the field of service-learning, announced today that its Board of Directors has chosen Amy Meuers as the organization’s next Chief Executive Officer. Meuers, who currently serves … Continue reading NYLC Announces New CEO

Service-Learning & Academic Success

By Amy Meuers, Interim CEO High school graduation rates are on the rise, yet nearly 20% of high school students still are not graduating (“High-School-Graduation,” 2016). Students who drop out of school are more likely to end up needing government assistance, commit crimes, and are less likely to be involved in their community (Bridgeland, Dilulio, … Continue reading Service-Learning & Academic Success

Tomorrow Together

In preparation for the 15th anniversary of 9/11, the nonprofit, 9/11 Day has announced plans for a day of unity and service. The “Tomorrow Together” initiative will include large-scale service projects staged in many cities on September 11, 2016, intended to bring together a diverse community of people to help address hunger in America and … Continue reading Tomorrow Together