Youth4Education Offers Life-Changing Week of Self-Discovery

Apply for a Youth4Education Lead Activist Grant! Two of NYLC’s Youth Advisory Council members attended the National Youth Leadership Training in San Francisco, Calif. in the Summer of 2013. Throughout the eight days of NYLT they engaged in a variety of experiential learning activities that related to real-world experiences, like the Achievement Gap and issues … Continue reading Youth4Education Offers Life-Changing Week of Self-Discovery

Update from Baltimore

A perspective from YAC member Shaun Verma. Johns Hopkins 2017 BALTIMORE, MD – The stark images of the Baltimore Riots being released nationally on most news media show shootings, arrests, looting. Baltimore is shown literally up in flames and on campus we are told to stay off the streets. Battles of Baltimore, Baltimore Burning; the … Continue reading Update from Baltimore

Celebrate Earth Day with Service-Learning

Today is Earth Day: a celebration of the beauty of our planet and a day to promote awareness and demonstrate support for environmental protection. #EarthDay can be a great opportunity to incorporate environmental curriculum and topics into service-learning projects in your community. It can also provide a chance for mentors and participants to get closer … Continue reading Celebrate Earth Day with Service-Learning