Featured Opportunities


Teen Driver Safety Best Practices Toolkit

Start saving lives today. This toolkit, developed in partnership with students from around the country, is a free curriculum guide for service-learning projects focused on teen driver safety. Support for this resource was provided by NHTSA, a proud sponsor of NYLC’s long-running initiative, Project Ignition.

Download the Teen Driver Safety Best Practices Toolkit.

9/11 Day: A Service-Learning Toolkit

How can a service-learning make an impact in just one day? In the spirit of unity we felt so strongly after 9/11, this toolkit is the premier guide to achieving meaningful service with real academic outcomes — in just a matter of hours. This resource was made possible by our partners at 9/11 Day.

Download the Student Handbook and the Facilitator Guide for 9/11 Day: A Service-Learning Toolkit.

Generator School Network

An online community of youth and adults committed to providing and advocating for high-quality service-learning experiences for young people around the world. The GSN is home to the Generator, a project planning tool to guide the creation of new and innovative service-learning projects in the GSN. For youth and educators, this tool takes users from early planning to project completion — challenging them to think more deeply about their project while providing dozens of supporting resources.

Lift: Raising the Bar for Service-Learning Practice

The K-12 Service-Learning Standards for Quality Practice come to life in extensive videos and downloadable resources to follow three schools through their own service-learning projects and how the standards are important to their success.

Note: Lift uses Adobe Flash. We are working to update the website and different formats will available as soon as possible.