What We Do

Developing Young Leaders

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NYLC develops young leaders by tapping into their passions to address real-world issues. Whether their goals are to improve their communities, promote traffic safety, or reform education, NYLC programming trains young people to become leaders on topics that matter to them. We work for and with youths to turn passions into skills, and to build and raise the platforms necessary for today’s young leaders to flourish.

Supporting Educators

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Quality professional development is at the heart of academic success and teacher effectiveness. As schools face an array of new and complex challenges — from meeting rigorous academic standards and working with increasingly diverse students, to integrating new technology in the classroom and producing new measures of success in a rapidly-globalizing world — NYLC helps educators increase their knowledge of service-learning and youth leadership development.

Advancing the Field

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NYLC is committed to improving the world with young people through service-learning. Each year we convene leaders, grow national visibility for service-learning, report on cutting-edge research, and advocate for federal support, so that all young people can: Serve. Learn. Change the world.®