Remembering a Pioneer

By Dr. James Kielsmeier, NYLC Founder & Amy Meuers, NYLC CEO John Glenn’s recent passing has highlighted his role as a pioneer in space exploration, but Glenn also sought new frontiers in teaching and learning as the Chair of the National Commission on Service-Learning. Glenn was named by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation in 2001 to … Continue reading Remembering a Pioneer

Service-Learning & Academic Success

By Amy Meuers, Interim CEO High school graduation rates are on the rise, yet nearly 20% of high school students still are not graduating (“High-School-Graduation,” 2016). Students who drop out of school are more likely to end up needing government assistance, commit crimes, and are less likely to be involved in their community (Bridgeland, Dilulio, … Continue reading Service-Learning & Academic Success

Social, Emotional, and Service-Learning in a Visual Arts Classroom

Service-learning requires that students apply a mix of soft and hard skills to meet genuine community needs. If ever these behaviors were easy to teach, it’s when student passions meet those needs: when a student explains to a school board member that STEM skills are improving the school garden thus the quality of school lunches, … Continue reading Social, Emotional, and Service-Learning in a Visual Arts Classroom

A Year in the Life of a Lead Activist

Youth4Education is a youth-led campaign to advance education equity through service-learning. You’ve heard us say that once or twice before. When we say youth-led, we’re talking about the Lead Activists. They’re the ones raising awareness, making change year-round. WEEK ONE. An intense kickoff at the National Youth Leadership Training – NYLC’s longest-running program – brings … Continue reading A Year in the Life of a Lead Activist

The Building Block of Community

By Amy Meuers, Interim CEO, NYLC The United States is built on the concept of an engaged citizenry. Our government, schools, and communities operate because people are willing to volunteer their time and talents. Consider local youth sports programs run through a community center: coaches and board members are almost exclusively volunteers. School fundraisers, parties, … Continue reading The Building Block of Community

Understanding Generation Z

By Lana Peterson, service-learning and education technology researcher. In order to provide the highest quality education to our students, we must first understand who they are and how they learn. Although sources vary, “Generation Z” comprises individuals born between 1990 and 2010. Often called “digital natives,” they are the first generation born into the modern … Continue reading Understanding Generation Z