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NYLC is the leading resource for schools and organizations involved in service-learning. Every day, we partner with teachers, schools, districts, and out-of-school youth programs to realize our mission and drive student engagement through service-learning. NYLC supports educators by delivering research-based professional development grounded in service-learning. More than just a one-time event, training with NYLC includes classroom-embedded coaching, face-to-face events, and sustained online support through the Generator School Network. We help strengthen academic, civic, and character outcomes for students.


Generator School Network

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The Generator School Network is an online community of youth and adults committed to high-quality service-learning experiences for young people around the world. More than 7,000 members utilize this free resource as a way to learn, plan, and connect with the service-learning field.

Professional Development

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Our unique brand of training enhances skills, saves time and money, and contributes to student success. Whether you are new to service-learning or a seasoned practitioner, training with NYLC fully prepares you to use best practices in your school and community.

District-Wide Model

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NYLC partners with districts around the country to ignite a passion for learning and to guide students toward academic success. Through our District-Wide Model, classroom boundaries are erased and students learn by defining and solving real needs within their community. Our model ensures disenfranchised youth are engaged and prepared with the 21st century skills they need.

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