TRAINING: Service-Learning Educator Institute, Saint Paul


TRAINING: Service-Learning Educator Institute, Saint Paul 00009

March 9-10
Science Museum of Minnesota
Saint Paul, MN

Join the National Youth Leadership Council, service-learning experts and host of the National Service-Learning Conference®, for an immersive two days of professional development with a community of like-minded educators.

This opportunity is open to K-12 classroom teachers who are looking to implement service-learning in their classrooms, instructional coaches and curriculum specialists who want to support teachers in implementing this innovative pedagogy, and administrators who want to understand how service-learning can transform their school.

Service-Learning Educator Institute participants will:

  • Develop an academically-aligned service-learning unit plan including rigorous assessments;
  • Experience activities that are replicable in the classroom;
  • Understand how to incorporate students into the development and implementation of service-learning unit;
  • Receive tools and templates to use during the training and in their own practice.

Service-learning helps students meet academic learning targets, positively impact their community, and gain leadership skills. In combination with a backwards design curriculum, service-learning gives educators the opportunity to transform their classrooms.

The Service-Learning Educator Institute:

  • Utilizes constructivist rather than traditional teaching methods so that attendees apply their knowledge, skills, and experiences to what they are learning;
  • Facilitates learning so that participants are actively learning;
  • Models service-learning as teachers should be implementing in the classroom;
  • Provides activities that teachers can immediately use in their classroom;
  • Builds a community of teachers who can learn from each other’s experiences;
  • Provides space for teachers to develop their own service-learning unit with support of experienced service-learning trainers.

The cost of registering for this Service-Learning Educator Institute is $250 per participant for two (2) eight-hour training days. Lunch and coffee are provided both days. Final registration deadline is February 15, 2018. This Institute is being offered as a pre-conference session immediately prior to the National Service-Learning Conference on March 11-13. If you would like to register for both the Institute and the Conference, please register here: Email Jason Stewart at with any comments or questions regarding this opportunity.

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