Through funding provided by Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, NYLC is pleased to announce it has $150,000 in service-learning grants to award to applicants from the Statewide Afterschool Networks.

Applicants who wish to expand, develop, or implement service-learning for afterschool programs in your state with a goal that service-learning will become a sustainable and systematic part of afterschool learning are encouraged to apply.

This opportunity is available to all Networks whether you are at the beginning of your service-learning journey or have been using it for years. Support can be used in a variety of ways depending on the needs and goals of your state’s afterschool programs.  Previous Statewide Afterschool Networks have:

• Hosted a three-day training with afterschool professionals and youth focused on how to develop and implement service-learning programs and how to engage youth authentically in the process. (Oregon)

• Facilitated a conversation with state leaders on how to develop and sustain service-learning in their state. (Tennessee)

• Implemented a two-day training with educators to develop rigorous service-learning experiences with youth. (Rhode Island)

• Curated service-learning resources as well as access to NYLC’s online service-learning course to support their understanding of the development and implementation of quality service-learning in afterschool programs in their state. (All)

• Piloted a state-wide program connecting service-learning to careers of the future. (Oregon)

Grantees will receive:

$10,000 grant in year one (October 15, 2018 – September 31, 2019).

• Opportunity to apply for an additional $4,000 in year two (October 1, 2019 – September 31, 2020).

Training and technical assistance from the National Youth Leadership Council including remote and individual coaching and planning support.

• Access to NYLC’s online community for service-learning which includes tools, resources, and a network of people from across the country.

Applications are due September 30, 2018.


Training and Consulting for Afterschool Programs

Informal education is at the heart of NYLC’s history. First a camp experience, then an after-school approach, service-learning thrives in nonformal settings. Put young people at the center of civic engagement, and watch it grow to affect their academic passions and outcomes.

After-school settings, which include summer learning opportunities, share much in common with formal (school) settings. Through service-learning, both involve:

  • Activities that contribute to the social/emotional, academic, and leadership development of young people;
  • Experiential, hands-on learning and skill-building that links knowledge to action;
  • Meaningful engagement;
  • Civic participation through the integration of school, family, and community efforts; and,
  • Supportive environments with opportunities to belong and build relationships with other young people and caring adults.

Interested in strengthening the outcomes of your program? Partner with NYLC to access customized trainings; receive ongoing coaching and planning support; and/or develop curriculum rooted in service-learning.

NYLC brings more than 35 years of experience working with sites across the country and abroad, supporting educators in developing youth leadership.

NYLC’s staff of experienced trainers works with you to create trainings, link with other strategic initiatives, even deliver keynote addresses to match your needs.

NYLC’s Training Approach

  • NYLC is the “Guide on the Side” rather than “Sage on the Stage”. We facilitate learning in which attendees are active participants rather than passive recipients.
  • NYLC utilizes constructivist rather than traditional teaching methods. Participants construct their own understanding, meaning, and knowledge of the world by experiencing things and reflecting on those experiences. Participants also utilize prior knowledge, skills, and experiences to inform their learning.
  • NYLC models service-learning instruction as educators should be implementing with their students.
  • NYLC utilizes the 4 Key Adult Learning Principles – Readiness, Experience, Autonomy, and Action.* We focus on the needs of the learners, honor the knowledge and experience in the room, engage participants to take charge of their own learning, and focus on immediate application of learning.

Afterschool Professional Development Trainings

Introduction to Service-Learning
Four-hour training for up to 40 educators

Discover how service-learning can help you meet your program goals, improve culture, and ignite youths passion to make a positive contribution to the world.

Cost: $2,500 Package (+ travel)

Intermediate-Level One-Day Introduction to Service-Learning Planning
Six-hour training for up to 40 educators and 3-hour supervisor training

Discover how to plan an outcome-driven service-learning program, including rigorous assessment.

Participants will:

  • Experience activities that are replicable in their program.
  • Receive tools and templates to use during the training and in practice.
  • Work with experts on how to create structures for educators and youths to be successful in incorporating service-learning.
  • Receive one print copy of Service-Learning by Design ($75 value).

Cost: $4,000 Package (+ travel)

Advanced-Level Two-Day Educator Institute
Twelve-hour training for up to 40 educators and 3-hour supervisor training

This advanced service-learning training is designed to meet the needs of your program. We work with Afterschool supervisors and educators to create a training just right for you.

Participants will:

  • Develop an outcome-drive service-learning program that includes rigorous assessments.
  • Experience activities that are replicable in their program.
  • Understand how to incorporate youth into the development and implementation of service-learning programming.
  • Receive tools and templates to use during the training and in their own programs.
  • Work with experts on how to create structures for educators and youths to be successful in incorporating service-learning.
  • 20-hours of technical support (used within one-year of training).
  • Receive one print copy of Service-Learning by Design ($75 value).
  • Receive 40 digital copies of Service-Learning by Design (additional print copies available for fee).

Cost: $10,000 Package (+ travel)


Engage NYLC for your next conference or event. We provide keynote addresses, presentations, and workshop sessions on topics including:

  • service-learning,
  • youth leadership,
  • civic engagement through service-learning,
  • youth and adult partnerships, and
  • youth voice.

For more information on after-school trainings or to learn more about bringing NYLC to your event, email NYLC at

*from: Stolovitch, Harold D. and Keeps, Erica J. (2002).  Telling Ain’t Training, ASTD Press.