Informal education is at the heart of NYLC’s history. First a camp experience, then an after-school approach, service-learning thrives in nonformal settings. Put young people at the center of civic engagement, and watch it grow to affect their academic passions and outcomes.

After-school settings, which include summer learning opportunities, share much in common with formal (school) settings. Through service-learning, both involve:

  • Activities that contribute to the social/emotional, academic, and leadership development of young people;
  • Experiential, hands-on learning and skill-building that links knowledge to action;
  • Meaningful engagement;
  • Civic participation through the integration of school, family, and community efforts; and,
  • Supportive environments with opportunities to belong and build relationships with other young people and caring adults.

NYLC partners with Statewide Afterschool Networks in Oregon, Rhode Island, and Tennessee.