Our work connects us with students and young people from diverse backgrounds, educators in formal and informal learning spaces, and community partners across the nation. Our approach is service-learning, which promotes positive youth development and increases learning outcomes for students. Young people are called upon to lead and create positive change in the world.

The out-of-school setting, which includes after-school and summer learning, aligns naturally with service-learning in many ways. Both involve:

  • Organizing activities that contribute to the social-emotional, personal, and leadership development of young people
  • Facilitating experiential, hands-on learning and skill-building that links knowledge to action
  • Providing spaces for meaningful youth engagement
  • Increasing civic participation through an integration of family, school, and community efforts
  • Creating a supportive environment with opportunities to belong and build relationships with other young people and caring adults

We have partnered with Statewide Afterschool Networks in Oregon, Rhode Island, and Tennessee.

PBL vs. Service-Learning