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How is this program different from community service or volunteer hours?


Service-learning is a learning methodology that produces great outcomes for both the youth and the community when done well. We will establish learning goals and include all phases of the planning and reflection process, not just a focus on the service.

How is this program different from community service or volunteer hours?2023-06-22T15:06:00-05:00

How do I participate in the online community?


New technology is being selected for the 2023-24 school year, so stay tuned. Suggestions and preferences are welcome! Contact us if you have a suggestion.

How do I participate in the online community?2023-06-22T15:05:10-05:00

What’s a Site Team?


While each team has a minimum of two youth leaders, we expect that you will engage additional youth in the planning and implementation of your project. These youth, all together, are referred to as a Site Team. (If you’re applying as an existing group, for example a Rotary Interact Club, you may already know how many youth will be on your Site Team. If you need to recruit and don’t know the number at this time, use an estimate for the application.) This number does not include the youth and adults impacted by your activities.

What’s a Site Team?2023-06-22T15:04:06-05:00

What’s a Mentor Team?


New this year, we will be selecting 1-2 Mentor Teams for each cohort. Mentor Teams are those who have participated previously and are willing to help others get started. If you fit the profile, contact us for more information about what will be required of you.

What’s a Mentor Team?2023-06-22T15:02:00-05:00


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