Hart’s Ladder of Youth Adult Partnerships


Adapted from the work of Roger Hart, this webinar reviews the relationship between youth and adults and examines why and how young people participate throughout communities.

Hart’s Ladder of Youth Adult Partnerships2023-06-22T11:27:27-05:00

Equity in Service-Learning: Self Assessment Tool for Community Engagement


This tool asks educators to consider how social justice can and should be part of the service-learning process, with an emphasis on reciprocal partnerships, diversity, reflection, and youth voice as students examine the institutions, systems, and barriers that are at the roots of the issues they are addressing.

Equity in Service-Learning: Self Assessment Tool for Community Engagement2023-09-13T15:46:54-05:00

IPARD Framework


The IPARD framework represents the student-centered inquiry model in a service-learning project. Learn more about the IPARD framework!

IPARD Framework2023-03-28T15:18:47-05:00

Stage 3: Reflection – Overview


What strategies will you use to incorporate challenging reflection opportunities throughout the service-learning experience? Check out some of these example questions for conducting reflection sessions before, during, and after a project.

Stage 3: Reflection – Overview2023-03-28T15:18:45-05:00


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