Work That Is Real


Why should we use service-learning in schools? "Most schools? mission statements include the goal of students becoming the kind of active citizens and change agents that their communities, the country, and the world need. Service learning may well be the vehicle to bring that ultimate mission to life."

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More Than Just Service


What happens when you integrate service-learning into your curriculum? This article uses real-world examples to show how service-learning improves student experiences in the classroom.

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Piloting Service-Learning in Texas Afterschool Time Profile


Despite the raging global pandemic, a national, state, and local partnership supporting service-learning in out of school time (OST) is taking hold in Texas. With projects large and small, this effort exposed young people to the needs and challenges of their peers and their communities, and demonstrated unequivocally that they can and must be a part of the solution.

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Service-Learning in Career and Technical Education Report-Louisiana Satellite Center Profile


Born out of a desire to prepare young people for careers that are both local and also future-oriented, the Satellite Center was built in 2005, and opened after a six-month delay post-Hurricane Katrina. Located in Luling, Louisiana, the school embodies more than state-of-the-art technology. It is dedicated to “Building a Better You” – as its tagline reads, for high school juniors and seniors. As such, teachers are “facilitators” and students are “team members”, reflecting an ethos of collaboration and youth leadership designed to support graduates as they apply their skills and passions to community needs.

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