Develop Young Leaders

NYLC believes in the power of young people. Every day, we partner with youth and educators to realize our mission to drive student engagement through service-learning. NYLC develops young leaders by providing leadership opportunities, training, and resources to address issues that matter to them. With passion, creativity, and ingenuity, young people are changing the world.

Youth Advisory Council

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The Youth Advisory Council is a team of servant-leaders recognized for their dedication to youth leadership, education equity, service-learning, and diversity. The YAC advises NYLC on its programming and bring valuable youth perspectives to the organization’s work. They work across the United States, demonstrating how young people can contribute today.

Project Ignition

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Project Ignition addresses teen-driver safety issues and empowers youth to lead campaigns that make measurable differences in their schools, their communities, and beyond. The impact is profound. The experiences are emotional. The lessons are unforgettable. Project Ignition students are saving lives.

Youth Leadership Training

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NYLC has delivered life-changing leadership training to young people from around the world for decades. Traveling to schools nationwide or hosting a range students from across the country, we provide young people opportunities for adventure, self-discovery, cultural exchange, leadership-building, and service-learning.