Belts On in Belton

At Belton High School, a Project Ignition school in Belton, Mo., students are saving teen lives through a campaign to educate about the importance of seatbelt usage. In partnership with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NYLC’s Project Ignition program empowers students across the nation to lead service-learning projects that change habits about safe driving … Continue reading Belts On in Belton

The Impact of Equity

To advance education equity is to make a meaningful entry into your community, to identify root causes of inequity, to engage and inspire peers, and to empower all youth to have a voice in their own education. The opportunity for all youth to thrive – regardless of access or means – and to be equipped … Continue reading The Impact of Equity

Every Voice is Valuable

From Hannah Reece, AmeriCorps Promise Fellow at NYLC. As a new face at NYLC and an exceptionally independent worker, I approached last week’s workshop review with slight uncertainty. The thought of sitting in a room of service-learning experts for eight hours to determine the lineup of workshops for the 2016 National Service-Learning Conference® felt daunting … Continue reading Every Voice is Valuable

National Service-Learning Awards

Every year at the National Service-Learning Conference®, the National Service-Learning Awards are bestowed upon exemplary national leaders throughout the service, service-learning, educational, and youth-empowerment fields. Among passionate peers from around the world, these leaders are recognized for their innovative and impactful work. These leaders need your help to receive their due recognition. Learn more about … Continue reading National Service-Learning Awards

The Convergence of National Service and Service-Learning

The mission of NYLC is to create a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world with young people, their schools, and their communities through service-learning. For more than thirty years, that has been our charge. This week, in Houston, Texas, Dr. James Kielsmeier and CEO Kelita Bak are realizing that tradition at a Celebration of National … Continue reading The Convergence of National Service and Service-Learning