Youth-Adult Partnerships in Action at the NCSLC Summit

Erin Gamba, Meenu Immaneni, and Sarah Bassett-Kim at NCSLC Summit

NYLC was thrilled to participate in the North Carolina Service-Learning Coalition Summit on November 16, 2017 at University of North Carolina-Pembroke. NYLC’s Curriculum and Training Specialist, Sarah Bassett-Kim, and two of NYLC’s Youth Advisory Council members, Erin Gamba and Meenu Immaneni, contributed a keynote address and facilitated a workshop session at the Summit.

NYLC’s keynote address, entitled “Why are youth-adult partnerships important?”, focused on the rationale and benefits youth-adult partnerships that are cultivated as a result of service-learning experiences. The keynote speech shared current research about the value of youth-adult relationships and partnerships alongside personal anecdotes of the power these types of partnerships have on youth and adults.

Where the keynote address focused on the why of youth-adult partnerships, NYLC’s workshop session addressed the what and how to accomplish such partnerships. The interactive workshop session, “Empowering Youth Voices through Strong and Meaningful Youth/Adult Partnerships,” let participants through interactive activities that allowed them to engage with tools and strategies to form and strengthen partnerships for a meaningful service-learning experience.

“There is clearly a commitment to service-learning in North Carolina,” Bassett-Kim said. “From elementary students taking action to combat food waste to pre-service teachers developing and delivering literacy tutoring with underperforming students, students are learning to be civically engaged at all levels.”

In total, nine workshop sessions were presented at the Summit for approximately 80 attendees who implement and support service-learning efforts across the state of North Carolina. 

“One of my takeaways from the summit was that service-learning can impact people from  any age,” Immaneni said. “It allows for a way to channel your passions and gain real world experience. Personally, service-learning has helped me gain confidence in my abilities and has allowed me to approach my future with a servant-leader mindset.”

The North Carolina Service-Learning Coalition is planning three regional meetups in the spring: April 16 in Asheville, April 17 in Raleigh, and April 18 in Wilmington.  Visit for more details.