Come a Beginner, Leave a Leader

We can sit here and ramble on and on about how great the National Youth Leadership Training is, and yeah, we do do that a lot… But don’t take it from us, we’ve got another testimonial from a former camper and current Youth Advisory Council member, Ananya Singh.

If you’re hesitant to attend because you’re a complete service-learning and education equity beginner, have no fear, so was Singh: “Service-Learning, leadership, and education equity were topics that I knew and used, but if I was asked to explain them to a friend, I would struggle and come to a loss of words. After experiencing all the activities and workshops, I feel confident that I can share to anyone what service-learning, leadership and education equity are and how I work with them in my community and as a YAC member.”

And we won’t lie, it’ll be a tough week. Difficult but important conversations will take place and you’ll be prompted to look within yourself and confront your own privilege. It’s truly an eye-opening experience, “I really ended up finding out more about myself, my values, and my motivation. The activities made me reflect and think clearly about how education-equity is relevant and important issue, and how I can lead more effectively in my community.”

Don’t let this opportunity for leadership and personal growth pass you by—you still have until May 31 to get your materials to us. “To anyone who is thinking about coming to NYLT, definitely come if you want to work on leadership, service-learning, and education equity! You will learn a lot, but you’ll also be left wanting to stay connected, keep learning more, and start working!” said Singh.

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