Service-Learning May Digest

Welcome to May, folks! April was chock full of service-learning goodness, with people across the world uniting in service for Global Youth Service Day. Catch up with the best of April:

  • As you may be aware, the Corporation for National & Community Service is in danger of being defunded, as per the new proposed budget. But hope is not lost yet. Our CEO, Amy Meuers, breaks down the ways you can act in support of National Service:

  • In honor of WE Day 2017, renown speakers, student changemakers, and celebs met at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif. This was just one of many WE Day celebrations that happened across the globe. Auli’I Cravalho, the lead in Disney’s Moana, told Billboard magazine, “I am so excited with all of these students, and I think they’re going to realize that they can make such a big difference, that they are the generation that’s going to make a difference, and there’s nothing more exciting than that.” We wholeheartedly agree.

  • We’ve got a list within a list. Yes, it’s very Inception. Michigan State University put together a collection of opportunities for young people to engage in civic action. Just in case, you need convincing from two sources…

  • The United States’ mitten state was on a roll in April. The Michigan Community Service Commission supported 35 projects as part of Global Youth Service Day.  An estimated 4,500 youth volunteers participated across the state.

  • The Brainerd Dispatch (holla atcha Minnesotans!), has been publishing a series about the foundations of resilience and a recent addition focused on community service and its contribution to belonging in your community. “Community service is an asset that builds self-esteem, a sense of empowerment, improved identity with our community, and a sense of being valued by the community,” the article cites.

  • Central College in Pella, Iowa, will be sending four members of their women’s soccer team to Costa Rica to participate in the Fifth Annual Costa Rica Soccer Tour. Not only will the players play three games against Costa Rican teams, they will help out at two service-learning clinics dedicated to helping local young people.

  • Yes, we focus on young people, but we want to throw bone to the Baby Boomers. Nonprofit, Encore, is focused primarily on helping the older generation get involved in social change. The article also features a shout out to one of our friends: H2O for Life pres, Patricia Hall.

  • If you live in SoCal, we have a prime opportunity for you: Green Ambassadors Institute is holding a summit on Saturday May 6, called, “Amplify Your Voice: Tools for Changemaking.” The event will include networking, a showcase of service-learning projects, and teacher- and student-led workshops.