Things We’re Proud of in 2016

What a year. Here’s some of what we’re proud of from the last 12 months:

  • The National Service-Learning Conference returned “home.” Minutes from the site of the first annual conference, the event received praise from attendees, elevated young people as true leaders, and ran smoothly thanks to tireless staff and volunteers.
  • NYLT, our longest running program, left its natural habitat of the Minnesota woods for an experiment in urban immersion. Tragedy struck literally around the corner from the NYLC offices just mere days earlier, and the national conversation that followed made NYLT’s social justice focus only more prescient.
  • It was at NYLT that we got to know our new Youth Advisory Council members. This cohort follows in the footsteps of the 2014-2016 YAC, a magnificent team who laid the groundwork for Youth4Education, a youth-led campaign to advance education equity.
  • Districts in Action engaged school districts in community-focused service-learning to enhance district-determined priorities. Many thanks to our partners from the NCLCE at the Education Commission of the States.
  • In partnership with 9/11 Day, NYLC developed toolkits to support educators and students in executing meaningful service-learning projects — over the course of just one day — that will have lasting impact on peacebuilding and justice all year long.
  • Finally — and this is a big one — we welcomed our new CEO: Amy Meuers. Amy recently celebrated her thirteenth anniversary at NYLC. Congratulations, Amy!

Outside our doors, 2016 has been challenging. In our mission statement, NYLC strives for a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world. At a time when xenophobia is named “Word of the Year,” this mission could not be more appropriate.

At NYLC we support the growth and development of young leaders so that character, social responsibility, equity, and civic engagement are part of who we are – in order to achieve the peace that we seek.

We wish you peace as we reach the end of another year and embark on the next chapter of our journey together.