Youth4Ed Has Been Busy

Youth4Education Lead Activists have been busy advancing education equity. Their journey began nearly a year ago and they’ve made strides – and a real difference. Here’s just a taste of what Lead Activists have been up to:

Oluwaseyi Ola learned how different perspectives can affect a team. “We learn to challenge our unhelpful thoughts and biased perspectives, and see things in a more balanced and realistic way, so we will discover that situations and people can be different to how we usually interpret things, which can lead us to modify our core belief system, and therefore bring about lasting positive change,” he wrote.

Merrit Jones founded Student Space, an organization that aims to give students a voice when it comes to problems surrounding education. Earlier in the year, she had the opportunity to tour her home state of South Carolina to speak with students about their experiences. Student Space also held its first Student Lobby Day at the State House, where people from all over the state met to discuss and brainstorm ideas for the student voice movement.

It was a year of transition for Nadya Okamoto’s project, Crafting Hope, which she’s pleased to announce will continue next year. As she graduates high school, Okamoto has handed over the reins to a group of around 10 students. She believes that the diverse perspectives in the group will help the project continue to prosper.

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