Why Summer Learning?

With summer on its way (for some of us, already here), it’s not necessarily time to hit the brakes. Here’s why service-learning should be a part of summer learning.

  1. If you’re in a “traditional” service-learning classroom, summer is a great opportunity for reflection. Consider what went well, what went wrong, how you affected change, how you yourself were changed.
  2. It’s time to demonstrate. When NYLC does service-learning, the final step (before starting again with a slew of new ideas!) is demonstration. This is a way to not only celebrate your accomplishments, but involve new audiences and stakeholders who weren’t engaged earlier on. What follows from that is up to you!

    A free and easy way to demonstrate your work is in the Generator project-planning tool, a digital service-learning guide in the GSN.

  3. Remember summer learning loss? Don’t let it happen to you. NYLC offers plenty of resources, online courses, and opportunities to connect throughout the summer months to make sure you stay on top of your service-learning practice.
  4. This one’s our favorite: You can still do service-learning! Are you part of a summer program? If so, great. Identify the goals of the program and brainstorm how a service-learning approach can help you reach them. If not, create one! A youth-owned project is guaranteed to meet your needs – in or out of school – because you make it so.

Summer’s no time to leave your mind, or your community, out of commission. Why summer learning? Because service-learning has no expiration date.