A Cause for Demonstration

At the “end” of a service-learning project – though some of the most exciting projects continue in perpetuity, with new champions building on the success of their forebears – it’s important to demonstrate and celebrate all that was accomplished. Why is this?

  1. Service-learners deserve it. After sometimes grueling months devoted to a project, people need to kick back, let loose. Hence, celebration.
  2. As mentioned above: the most exciting projects continue. By demonstrating your work, you make a case for your project. You reach out to previously untapped stakeholders, partners, advocates, and so on. While you may be finishing, your demonstration could be the catalyst for the next service-learner who’s just getting started.
  3. It drives home the learning. Demonstration for an audience requires service-learners to be thoughtful, reflective, and educated about their topic and project. It ensures you know your stuff.

How do you demonstrate? You can host events, create portfolios (of the physical or digital variety), present at conferences (like the National Service-Learning Conference®), share with the media, share on social media, or reach out to a community leader. Just to name a few. Learn more about demonstration opportunities in the GSN when you build your own project in the Generator project-planning tool at gsn.nylc.org/plan.