Digital Equity

Today is Digital Learning Day.

Digital learning, yeah, you might think. I can get behind that. After all, technology is already integral to our every day lives. For early adopters, tech played a huge role in education as far back as — gulp — the 1990s. Digital learning is not exactly new — it’s already become the not-so-new normal.

Today is about a few things: celebrating how technology helps students learn in a myriad of exciting ways, promoting new ideas and implementations to enhance digital education, and advancing equity for all learners.

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At NYLC, we empower young people to raise their voice in defense of their own education, to discover their inner leader and reach communities in positive ways through their learning. It can be a challenge. That’s why we embrace every tool we can to achieve our mission. At the forefront is the Generator School Network, an interactive website for teaching and learning, designed with both students and educators in mind. Whether planning a unit or project, or just diving deeper into an issue, the GSN lies at the intersection of digital learning and service-learning.

Next month, NYLC is launching the online course Essentials of Service-Learning, geared toward in-school teachers and out-of-school youth workers. The course is about service-learning, but it lives in the digital realm. Registration for Essentials is open for one more week, until February 24, at

NYLC is a proud National Partner of Digital Learning Day because we share a mission: to advance equity and opportunity for all young people. By promoting digital learning, we strike down barriers of discrimination. We engage learners of all types. We reach those students for whom the old systems have failed. We open the door to digital equity, and watch new leaders walk through.

That’s something worth getting behind.