One for the Books

End-of-year is a unique time for reflection. Looking back on all that we at NYLC have accomplished in 2015 is not only exciting, but also productive and necessary; much like in quality service-learning, reflection is crucial to growth and paves the path to understanding, perspective, and progress.

In 2015, we launched the Generator, a project planning tool designed to help you build your service-learning project with quality. “The Generator wasn’t an original idea on our end. It was a direct response to user feedback. Members wanted a tool that would teach and guide them but still allowed for some creativity and self-direction – and I think we delivered that,” said Marcus Penny, Web Communications Manager.

With our Youth Advisory Council at the helm, we launched Youth4Education, a youth-led campaign to advance education equity through service-learning. Youth4Education advocates for youth to take an active role in their education. The launch of #Youth4Ed merged with the return of the National Youth Leadership Training in July, where young people from around the world underwent seven days of training to emerge as official Youth4Education Lead Activists. Equipped with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration to return to their home communities and affect change, #Youth4Ed Lead Activists are working to improve that which they’re passionate about.

Our District-wide model integrated into two new schools districts, wrapping unique academic goals within a framework of service-learning and youth leadership. “It has been amazing to see the transformation of schools, teachers, and students over the last year. We have seen classrooms become places where teachers and students are working together to tackle vital issues in the community,” said Elizabeth Koenig, Professional Development Director.

As 2016 is born, NYLC has much on the horizon. We are hosting Educate. Ignite. Transform., the 27th Annual National Service-Learning Conference, in Minneapolis, Minn., March 30 – April 2. Join us for the largest gathering of youth and adults dedicated to changing the world through service-learning.

In partnership with NHTSA, we are moving Project Ignition forward in new and exciting ways, building tools for schools to tell their stories and demonstrate how they are saving teen lives through safe driving best practices, headlined by proper seatbelt usage.

We are also developing new partnerships with schools to implement our District-wide model, and we are launching a series of service-learning courses designed to change the way you conceive true student engagement.

As 2015 comes to a close, we’re thankful for the support of friends and partners that made our year successful, and thrilled for the future. To support this continuing mission, make your tax-deductible donation to NYLC today.


From the NYLC family to yours,
Happy New Year.