Tools for School

The first day, week, and even month of school can be overwhelming. New faces, new classes, new challenges abound. For service-learners, the new landscape can be even more uncertain.

For rookies, it’s hard to know exactly how to get started. That’s when you need Getting Started in Service-Learning. This elementary through high school handbook answers the biggest questions for those new to service-learning:

What is service-learning?
What does successful service-learning include?
Is service-learning right for me?

Email with inquiries and to order your copy of Getting Started in Service-Learning today.

In the meantime you can watch this free webinar, an Introduction to Service-Learning. Hosted by Professional Development and Training Manager Elizabeth Koenig, the webinar draws on NYLC’s more than thirty years of service-learning experience.


Collaboration and Teamwork WalkAbout Guide Creating SMART Goals

For the intermediate crowd, you know service-learning looks different every year. Quality service-learning projects are student-led – which is how we know projects are meaningful to participants and the community. As such, each new crop of students brings with them a new set of skills and passions. How do you maintain quality given this yearly upheaval? The K-12 Service-Learning Standards for Quality Practice. Dive into the standards at lift.nylc.orgLift: Raising the Bar for Service-Learning Practice.

Experts: it’s time to pay it forward. You’ve mastered service-learning; you’ve made positive change in your community with vibrant, engaged students. Tell us how you did it. If you have developed resources, research, toolkits – you name it – feature it in the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse to share with the broader service-learning community. If you simply have a story to tell, share it on our blog at!

For information on either option, email Have a great school year.