2015 Shinnyo-En Foundation Annual Retreat

From Elizabeth Koenig, Professional Development and Training Manager.

Last week I had the privilege to attend the Shinnyo-­en Foundation Annual Retreat. The retreat is designed as a meaningful opportunity to connect with people in the fields of service­-learning and youth development, and to think deeply about our own personal, cultural, and spiritual paths to service.

Throughout the weekend, Shinnyo-­en shared their Infinite Paths to Peace program, which encourages participants to explore how their talents and passions can be used to serve others.

shinnyo-en 1

Leaders from the Destiny Arts Center led us through an energizing dance to get our bodies moving!

shinnyo-en 2

We explored the theory of Human-­Centered Design as a way to solve complex issues by using the knowledge, passion, and creativity of the people in the room.  We looked at the drought in California and how every household in America can be engaged in conserving water.

shinnyo-en 3

My group came up with the idea to develop “Water You Using?” — a reality show where households compete to decrease their water usage.

shinnyo-en 4

Our home groups, comprised of 8 individuals from diverse backgrounds, worked together throughout the weekend on different activities and reflections during which we were able to share what we’re passionate about, our values, and our backgrounds.

shinnyo-en 5

The entire Shinnyo­-en Retreat was a great opportunity to learn more about the work that the Shinnyo-­en Foundation, their partners, and the Shinnyo-en Fellows are conducting, as well as reflect on my own work and passion for service and youth leadership.

Thanks to the whole group for an awesome retreat!

shinnyo-en 6