Students & Educators to Meet In Minneapolis for 27th Annual National Service-Learning Conference

We are proud to announce that the location of the 27th Annual National Service-Learning Conference®, March 30 – April 2, 2016, will be the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota! More than a thousand students, educators, and government leaders from across the country and around the world will convene to demonstrate how young people apply academic learning to address some of the most challenging issues of this century: the achievement gap, the environment, the promotion of peace, and many others. This intergenerational event creates a unique atmosphere, where youth bring incredible energy and passion to discussions on education and social policy. Both youth and adults gain the tools, resources, ideas, and support to return home to improve their practice, their schools, and their communities.

NYLC gathers youth development, service, and service-learning practitioners each year for this event that honors national leaders, features best practices, showcases model projects, and sets research and policy agendas.


“NYLC believes in the power of all young people,” says NYLC CEO Kelita Bak. “And there is no better way to help demonstrate the amazing human capital youth can contribute if given the opportunity and expectation that a framework of quality service-learning can provide than to give them a national stage. This event is unlike so many others. With 50% of participants under the age of 22, it showcases what true youth-adult partnership looks like and the powerful transformation  that can be achieved when young people are truly engaged in communities across the globe.”

Attendees will explore powerful learning experiences through professional development classes, an Opportunity and Resource Fair, and keynote addresses. The event also is a catalyst for a range of service-learning projects both on-site and in the community. At the Hyatt, participants will explore issues such as equity, hunger, and water scarcity. Off-site teams will contribute to local nonprofits through a Day of Service — giving back to the host communities of Minnesota.

Consider joining this remarkable event. Single- and multiple-day on-site registration is available. To learn more, visit

A range of online opportunities, including webinars featuring keynote speakers, are available for those unable to participate in-person. Visit to learn more.

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