District-Wide Model Wraps Up Pilot Year in Henry County Schools

In our District-Wide Model, NYLC partners with school districts around the country to ignite a passion for service-learning and to guide students toward academic and civic success. We work with individual districts to customize academic goals and develop an implementation strategy using a service-learning framework. With long-time partner Henry County School District in Georgia, NYLC has launched a five-year campaign to roll out quality service-learning practice across the district, and its first year has just been completed. At multiple schools across the district, student demonstrations were showcased that highlighted learning outcomes and the development of 21st Century Skills.

Community needs.

Above: Community needs, techniques to address them, and potential challenges were identified by each school.


Above: Students showcase their plan for an outdoor classroom.


Above: Photo collage of service-learning projects and experiences of students who attended #MPT15.

To learn more about NYLC’s District-Wide model, visit nylc.org/district or contact Susana Valdés. Interested in contracting an NYLC training? Get the process started.