The Future of Service-Learning in the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse

The National Service-Learning Clearinghouse was a longstanding fixture for the service-learning field. With the best data, research, tools, and materials for service-learning, the Clearinghouse at was a robust, federally-funded resource for anyone to use. Some of you may know where this is going.

That funding? It went away. And with it, so did nearly the whole of the Clearinghouse itself. NYLC knew what our friends in the field did, too: losing the Clearinghouse was unacceptable. So we set up a rescue mission.

The National Service-Learning Clearinghouse lives on. In the Generator School Network, a free website tool for service-learners, you can access thousands of Clearinghouse resources at Not everything from the former Clearinghouse was able to be restored, a byproduct of those earlier funding cuts. But this iteration of the Clearinghouse has something special going for it: the future.

To keep the Clearinghouse strong, we’ve got to keep it current. That’s where you come in. As a friend in the field, you learn something new about service-learning every year just like we do. Many of you, like us, develop new toolkits, tip sheets – and let’s not forget the research! – year after year. By submitting your resources, you accomplish a few things.

  1. You reach a broad audience of service-learning professionals who visit the Clearinghouse.
  2. You help advance the field of service-learning by keeping the Clearinghouse on the cutting edge.
  3. You sustain momentum for the Clearinghouse library, which encourages more of our colleagues to submit their resources and, in turn, connects you with exactly the support you’ve been looking for from the service-learning field. This site is hosted by NYLC, but it’s owned by everyone.

Are you ready? Submit your resource here, or email if you have additional questions. See you in the future.