Youth4Education Offers Life-Changing Week of Self-Discovery

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Two of NYLC’s Youth Advisory Council members attended the National Youth Leadership Training in San Francisco, Calif. in the Summer of 2013. Throughout the eight days of NYLT they engaged in a variety of experiential learning activities that related to real-world experiences, like the Achievement Gap and issues of social justice. Now all have the opportunity to experience this life-changing leadership training through the Youth4Education Lead Activist Grant. This grant provides recipients with the training, tools, and resources to implement a service-learning action plan addressing issues of education inequity. Apply today and tackle tough issues like homelessness, hunger, gender disparity, bullying, or any of the other factors that lead to inequity in your community, and receive training that lasts a life-time. Still not convinced? Read on as Danasia Eubanks and Soua Thao share their NYLT experience.

danasiaNYLT is an experience that I will never forget and always cherish. I met so many amazing young leaders that I know will do great things in the lives of those around them. I believe that NYLT has truly helped me become a better person and leader in my community through all of the valuable leadership skills that I learned during camp, such as the importance of empathy and putting myself in other peoples’ shoes before I cast judgment. It taught me to value my own uniqueness and never be ashamed of who I am and what I have experienced in my past. I think that this camp was very impactful because a lot of youth who attended the camp never expected to leave with the knowledge and experiences that they gained over the course of that one week. I still reminisce on the feelings that I felt with my Morals and Ethics group as we completed our activities with so many barriers in the way and even when we hugged each other and cried when things got extremely overwhelming. I believe that other youth should attend NYLT because it is truly a life-changing event that will show and teach so much about life, relationships, and the world we all live in.

souaNYLT was one of the most life-changing camps I have ever experienced. It definitely helped me become a better leader in my everyday life because it helped me learn to be more aware of the things around me. I learned to think critically about the lives of others before making a judgment and to be more open-minded about where people come from. NYLT helped me see the world through an equity lens throughout the whole experience, but mostly during the Morals and Ethics simulation. We were put into real world situations that happen to people every day that we don’t think about, and my group experienced the worst. Within the simulation my group even experienced some negative outside world interaction. That was when I knew that I had to go back into my own community and continue to act on these social justice issues and challenges pertaining to the Achievement Gap. I think that other youth should experience NYLT, no matter where they are coming from. I think it is important to be aware about these issues in the community that you may not know about. NYLT will definitely change your life and help you become a better leader in your community and a champion of education equity.

We both highly recommend all youth apply for the Youth4Education Lead Activist Grant and attend this year’s National Youth Leadership Training! You will walk away with the ability to communicate and partner with people of different races, socioeconomic backgrounds, etc., as well as the proper tools to create equitable change in your community. You’ll gain more insight about educational equity and become a Lead Activist for the Youth4Education Campaign to bring more awareness to the issues underlying educational inequity in your home communities! We hope to see you in July in Minnesota!

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