Celebrate Earth Day with Service-Learning

Today is Earth Day: a celebration of the beauty of our planet and a day to promote awareness and demonstrate support for environmental protection. #EarthDay can be a great opportunity to incorporate environmental curriculum and topics into service-learning projects in your community. It can also provide a chance for mentors and participants to get closer to the environment they live in – and to learn more about how they can not only preserve their environment, but help it to thrive. Getting out into your surroundings, caring for your planet, and making a measurable difference for the quality of the environment goes hand-in-hand with service-learning, which is founded on linking academically-rigorous content with addressing genuine community needs.


In the Generator School Network there are many resources to help facilitate and bolster your Earth Day service-learning projects. “A Kids’ Guide to Climate Change & Global Warming: How To Take Action!” deftly combines educational statistics and intellectual exercises with service-learning best practices and methodologies – like the IPARD (Investigation and Inquiry, Planning and Preparation, Action, Reflection, Demonstration) method – to build a framework for creating a high-quality service-learning project based on Earth Day’s goals. Be sure to join the GSN for access to hundreds of service-learning resources, discussion spaces for peer review and project improvement, and a user-driven project planning tool designed to ensure high-quality practice.

We are proud to support Earth Day. Share your projects, ideas, and thoughts on social media with #EarthDay to protect our planet.