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Day one of More Powerful Together, the 26th Annual National Service-Learning Conference, welcomed attendees yesterday from across the nation and around the world, on stages national and international at Capitol Hill and the Service-Learning World Forum.

Intrepid service-learners embarked on Capitol Hill to meet with staff from both the House of Representatives and Senate. Telling of their success stories, youth reported on the impact service-learning has made in their own education, as well as among their peers, schools, and communities. Adult allies let the young people take the lead, as students provided congresspersons and senators with lists of legislation to support service-learning, and future opportunities for members to connect back with the youth.


The Service-Learning World Forum welcomed international leaders to Washington, D.C. to share about the work they do in their home countries. Shaun Verma, a member of the Youth Advisory Council, presented on how to expand projects to an international level and how to build fruitful partnerships by sharing his own experiences running his own nonprofit, MDJunior.

A host of nations were represented, including Jordan, Russia, Singapore, and Qatar. The World Forum emphasized a rapidly globalizing planet. The ideas talked about in this space reflect an increasingly interconnected global community, and demonstrate the transcendental qualities of service-learning and community building at-large. Service-learning has an innate ability to cross cultures, and NYLC keeps on the cutting-edge of that front.

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In the evening, Shinnyo-En sponsored an International Welcome Reception, which offered the opportunity for networking and for attendees of all types to launch #MPT15 with an inspired and global spirit, and a feeling of camaraderie founded on the common goal to Serve. Learn. Change the world.®

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